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Size A Community College of Convenient Proportions

With 350 full-time equivalent employees and a fall headcount of 5,600, MVCC is the perfect size for a community college experience. With 3,000 credit students on campus, you'll have access to the resources you need without feeling overwhelmed.

  • 350 full-time employees
  • 5,600 fall student headcount
  • 3,000credit students

Student Profile A Diverse and Thriving Community

55% of MVCC students receive Pell Grants, and 27% identify as a minority. With 55% of students attending full-time and 385 residential students, the campus is a lively and inclusive place. With 50 student clubs and organizations and 18 athletic teams, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make connections.

  • 55% of MVCC students receive Pell Grants
  • 27% identify as a minority
  • 55% of students attending full-time
  • 385 residential students

Leadership A Visionary President and Supportive Team

MVCC President

The current president of MVCC is in his 16th year and is only the fifth president in the 77-year history of the college. He has also published "Competing on Culture" as part of the ACCT series on the future of community colleges. He leads a stable and close-knit eight-member Cabinet team that meets every week and has full-day off-site meetings every other month. The college also has a stable and progressive local Board of Trustees comprised of local community leaders.

Competing on Culture Book Cover

Partnerships Connected to the State University of New York
and the Local Community

MVCC is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) System and has a very supportive County sponsor. The college offers dynamic workforce development programs to advance social mobility and is the only community college in New York to hold designations for regional innovation hotspot for entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Extension Partnership supporting local manufacturers.

  • State University of New York Logo
  • Small Business Development Center and ThINCubator
  • AIM Advanced Institute for Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Culture Vibrant, Innovative, and Inclusive

With 385 full-time employees and five unions, MVCC has a vibrant organizational culture with excellent labor relations, extensive professional development and employee recognition programs and systems. The college has a forward-thinking, equity-minded culture that embraces a VUCA world with a collective growth mindset and is the host institution for the Strategic Horizon Network. Progressive Guided Pathways reforms have been underway since 2018, led by faculty and staff through collaborative processes, to improve academic schools, case management advising, holistic supports, and co-requisite English and math. There is an intentional, ongoing relationship building across divisions with uncommon connectivity between Academic Affairs, Administrative Services, and Student Affairs.

Student Services Comprehensive and Cutting-Edge

MVCC has an exciting new enrollment outreach strategy, Title IX responsibilities, along with a generally standard array of student services such as admissions, advising, financial aid, career services, student engagement, holistic supports, and multiple TRIO grant programs.

  • Title IX
  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Holistic Student Support
  • Student Engagement
  • Career Services
  • Gear Up

Award-winning Recognized for its Excellence

MVCC received the 2018 SUNY shared governance award and clean Middle States accreditation evaluations in 2008 and 2018 with no recommendations.

  • SUNY
  • MVCC College Governance
  • Middle States accreditation

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