The Student Leadership Academy (SLA) at Mohawk Valley Community College prepares a select group of students each year to be effective global citizens who are engaged in transforming their communities. SLA is a leadership program based on the MVCC Values and  all MVCC students may apply. This leadership program uses a holistic approach to provide a solid foundation in leadership philosophies, skills, and growth through collaboration and learning. This program is designed for both current and aspiring student leaders interested in gaining in-depth knowledge and training in leadership.


Participants are required to attend a leadership development orientation in October, as well as a series of workshops held during the fall and spring semesters.  SLA members will also participate in campus and community projects throughout the academic year. Students who graduate the program will be invited to an end of year celebration, receive a program certificate, an attribute to their student co-curricular transcript and receive an opportunity to develop alongside fellow colleagues in areas of leadership foundation and philosophies. 

Program Assessment

  • GPA
  • Persistence rate - Program and college
  • Weekly reflection essays
  • Student Leadership Evaluation Form

    • Pre and post reflection surveys

    • Evaluate each workshop and the program at end

Mission of the Student Leadership Academy

To transform students into exceptional leaders empowered to model the way and inspire solutions for a dynamic community.

For more information, email Sandy Cummings, the Coordinator of Student Engagement.