Mohawk Valley Community College is launching a new Adult Degree Program (ADP) for its Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement AAS degree program, designed to allow experienced police officers in New York State the opportunity to complete their degree fully online in as little as one year beginning in Fall 2020.

This program provides a unique opportunity for police officers to satisfy degree requirements in as little as one year by granting them up to 32 college credits for their police training/education. Each course in the program runs for eight weeks, and courses are generally taken one or two at a time, though course sequencing can be adapted if requested. 

All applicants should have documentation of completion of a New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services-approved Basic Police Training Program or Pre-employment Police Training Program and will have an interview with the Director of Law Enforcement Programs. Applicants that completed non-credited police academy programs will have to show completion of 4,000 hours of law enforcement experience required and certified by the police agency. 

For more information or questions on program admission, contact Admissions Specialist Kalynn Riedman at 315-792-5353 or