What We Do

MVCC's Office of Marketing and Communications (Marcom) supports the College’s mission by promoting its brand and developing connections with audiences and stakeholders through data-informed, engaging, and informational communications and advertisements.

The College’s websites, news, public and media relations, marketing, social media, digital and print publications, internal collaboration platforms, photography, and video production are led, developed, and maintained by Marcom and serve external audiences (prospective students, families and supporters, alumni, donors, businesses, and the general community) as well as internal stakeholders (students, faculty, and staff).

Media Contact

For all media inquiries, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office at 315-792-5330.

News Releases

See the latest news from MVCC.

Branding Guidelines

MVCC is our brand, our product. To keep the integrity of our product at a high quality, there must be branding guidelines to maintain a consistent message both on- and off-campus. The Marketing and Communications Office has created standard guides that should be followed in all designed work and created content for official purposes.

Visual Standards

Everything from usage of the MVCC logo to the colors and typography is covered in this guide to keep MVCC’s image consistent and relevant in the community. The College’s brand and style help it to be easily recognized in the community.

Content Standards

MVCC follows Associated Press style with a few exceptions. This guide can be referenced to learn how to keep created content consistent across College communications and messaging.

MVCC Logo Files


Please also follow the branding guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable usage of the official College logo.

For individual office/department brand extensions or other official logo file types, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office.

Model Releases

Model releases are available by contacting College Photographer/Videographer Sharon Zohne at 315-792-5421 or szohne@mvcc.edu.