Steps to becoming a resident

Students at Residence Halls

New to MVCC Students

Apply to MVCC.

After being accepted to MVCC, an acceptance letter will be sent to you. 

Soon after being accepted, a Housing Information Packet will be sent to you by the Residence Life Office.   This packet will include your login credentials to apply on-line.  If preferred, a paper application will also be provided in the Housing Information Packet.

Submit Housing Information & Preference Form and  make payment for the required $100 deposit to the Residence Life Office.  Deposits can be made at

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your MVCC Student E-Mail.  Be sure to check it regularly.

We will schedule you to participate in a "ResHall Accepted Student Day" program to be held in the mid summer.  During this program, you will be able to spend the night in the Residence Halls,  meet your Student Support Advisor (SSA), participate in Residence Hall Welcome Sessions, get your Student ID, and participate in a Connections Fair   - ALL IN ONE TRIP!  We are conident that this program will make you feel right at home!  There are also great programs for your parents, guardians or other supporters at the ResHall Accepted Student Day.  Be sure to watch your mail for your invitation to the great program.


Current MVCC non-resident students:

We welcome current non-resident students to apply for the Residence Halls.  Current non-resident MVCC students interested in housing should contact the Residence Life Office in the Alumni College Center Room 208 for housing information, via email at or call 315-792-5657