Housing for Non-MVCC Students & Area Interns

Each year the MVCC Dormitory Corporation offers a summer housing program which provides economical housing for MVCC students who, although not taking summer classes, plan to attend classes in the upcoming academic year. In addition non–MVCC students coming to the area for educational reasons (such as an internship), may apply to live in the Residence Halls. If accepted, payment is due before check–in.

Dates of Occupancy

The 2020 non-student housing program runs from May 25th to August 10th. Residents may move into the Residence Halls beginning Monday, May 27th. All Residence Hall rules and regulations will be observed as stated in the Student Handbook.

Cost (Summer 2020 Rates)

The cost is $115.00 per week, in advance, per person for a double room or $150 per week for a single. There is no daily rate.

Payment can be made online at www.mvcc.edu/housing/pay  AFTER you receive confirmation.  Payment by check can be sent to MVCC Dormitory Corporation, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, N.Y. 13501