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Hawk Vision

Hawk Vision: Looking at the future of MVCC

Celebrate Innovation. Nurture New Ideas.
Focus on the Future.

What is Hawk Vision?

Hawk Vision is an initiative to nurture creative ideas and launch intrapreneurial projects that drive the mission of MVCC. Not just a think tank, Hawk Vision is a value-added action tank designed to bring great ideas to life.

Hawk Vision was formed to equip the MVCC community to fully realize the college mission, "to provide accessible, high-quality educational opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our students," and vision, "to transform lives through learning." In a short time, community colleges have transformed from a novel, experimental sector of higher education into the largest and most diverse sector of higher education in the United States. Increasing challenges come in the form of resources, competitors, and constituencies’ demands that constrain capacity, as well as fundamental shifts in the external environment that are bringing constant change to the way community colleges function.

Creating a campus dialogue

Hawk Vision will provide the much-needed structure to facilitate a campus dialogue that is focused on organizational learning about alternative futures, disruptive innovation, and strategies for transformation. The goal is to facilitate institutional growth and encourage a culture that embraces change. MVCC must be agile to stay ahead of the trends. Innovative ideas that arise through the use of predictive analytics and forecasting tools will propel the Institution toward positive change in the pursuit of its mission fulfillment.

There are several components of Hawk Vision:

Blog: Hawk Vision has established a blog as a way to promote the sharing of ideas and discussion of those ideas. Share your ideas and read about others on the Hawk Vision Blog.

Innovation Forum: A brainstorming and discussion group consisting of Hawk Vision members, College community members, and experts on the topic at hand.

MV Talks: A talk series focused on spreading ideas about innovation and higher education through brief, powerful, videotaped talks.

Institute for Intrapreneurship: A safe space where MVCC faculty, staff, and students can explore innovation.

Connecting to the Campus

Hawk Vision is the developer, steward, and supporter of innovative ideas, methodology, and pedagogy through the MVCC Innovation Forum, MV Talks, and the Institute for Intrapreneurship. However, it does not directly dictate changes in College procedures, therefore necessitating structured protocols for communicating well-vetted ideas with College leadership and policy-generating bodies.

Hawk Vision provides liaisons for the Strategic Planning Council, College Senate, Faculty Caucus, and the Grants Council. These individuals facilitate the sharing of information, therefore allowing innovative ideas and strategies to be implemented in a timely and cohesive manner. Additionally, Hawk Vision provides periodic updates to the President of the College. While the President has immediate access to all Hawk Vision meeting notes, Hawk Vision is responsible to inform the President when a particularly exciting and/or time-sensitive innovation is uncovered. More formally, Hawk Vision submits a written report to the President at the close of each semester summarizing its activities and highlighting the areas of innovative opportunity. Furthermore, Hawk Vision communicates with the Board of Trustees, and County and State officials/agencies at the discretion of the College President. The communication takes the form of written reports, and formal meetings and presentations.


  • Provide liaisons for the Strategic Planning Council and the Grants Council
  • Communicate with the President of the College:
    • By providing copies of all meeting notes
    • Through impromptu means for exciting and/or time-sensitive information
    • Through two formal written reports per year
  • Communicate with County and State officials/agencies at the discretion of the President