The purpose of the Diversity and Global View Committee is to oversee and assist in the implementation of the College’s commitment to diversity and a global view.

Charter Sponsor

College Senate

Charter Contact

Committee Chair


  • Rosemary Spetka, Registrar, Standing
  • Emily Gifford, Coordinator of International Students, Standing
  • James Sunderhaft, Student Affairs Represenatative, Standing
  • David Yahnke, Student Affairs Representative, Standing
  • Tania Bader, Administrative Affairs Representative, Standing
  • Barb Seaton, Non-teaching Professional, Elected, 2020
  • Kathy Kresa, Classified Staff, Joint Appointment, 2018
  • Erica Carrock, Cultural Series Committee Representative, Standing
  • Rialda Shulman, Faculty, Elected, 2018
  • Bob Mineo, Faculty, Elected, 2018
  • Todd Marshall, Faculty, VPLAA Appointment, 2020
  • Jennifer Krohn, Faculty, VPLAA Appointment, 2020
  • Kyle Lince, Faculty, VPLAA Appointment, 2018

Standing Subcommittees

  • Standing subcommittee of three DGV members for DGV event approval as they arise during the semester.
  • Standing subcommittee of three DGV members to recommend DGV designation for courses to entire committee.
  • Chair elected annually by the committee.


  • Review procedures and activities associated with the implementation of the Diversity and Global View general education requirement
  • Serve as the College-wide group with primary responsibility for coordinating the effective assessment of student learning in the Diversity and Global View area
  • Collaborate with Curriculum, General Education, Art Infusion, Cultural Committees, Marketing, and IT offices to ensure DGV infusion
  • Make recommendations to the full College Senate and the VPLAA for changes and refinements to the DGV requirements and activities
  • In addition to annual written reports, make periodic updates and recommendations to the College Senate and the VPLAA regarding committee actions

Does Not

  • Make decisions
  • Discuss personnel issues
  • Discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Continually investigate new ideas to integrate and enrich DGV offerings.
  • Communicate and share information with the other appropriate committees to coordinate related activities.