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MVCC is adding two new ways for students to experience college courses this fall based on feedback about how well courses worked this year under the conditions of the pandemic. Even though the college assumes there will be some restrictions because of COVID-19, we will provide two new choices that will allow students more direct, regular contact with instructors and peers. Options include:

Campus icon

In Person: Entire course on campus

Only courses that require direct, in-person instruction—for instance, in Health and STEM—will be offered this way unless there is vast improvement in the pandemic situation.

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Online Asynchronous: Entire course online with no required live class meetings

This is the main type of course the college offered this academic year and is best for students who need flexibility to choose when they will do their school work.

Online with Required Online Meeting icon

Online Synchronous: Entire course online with at least one required class meeting online at the same time each week

This option allows students to take their course completely online but includes a regularly scheduled class meeting (via Zoom, for instance) with instructor and classmates.

Hybrid icon

Hybrid: At least one required meeting on campus at the same time each week and the rest of the course is online:

This option splits the course between online and on campus work and includes a regularly scheduled class meeting in person with the instructor and classmates.

Look for these choices under INSTRUCTIONAL METHOD in the  Course Search Tool, and other college information sources about the fall semester. For help, please contact 315-731-5800.