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What Is Team MVCC?

Each year a calendar of events is created which outlines the campus and local community activities Team MVCC plans to support and participate in throughout the year.  Team MVCC’s main purpose is to “promote community activities that provide visibility and meaningful contribution of participants on behalf of the College.” Team MVCC strives to increase Faculty, Staff and Student participation in community events, which in turn helps showcase the College’s commitment to our local area.

Team MVCC participates in multiple events throughout the year, which helps bring the College together to achieve our mission of, “promoting student success and community involvement through a commitment to excellence and a spirit of service."  The Team MVCC committee coordinates the participation, registration and communicates of all event information to the College community throughout the year. With an organized and coordinated effort it is the committee’s hope that participation and support for all events both on and off the campus (Utica & Rome) will increase.

The Team MVCC committee looks to spark interest and increase participation in these events through a variety of incentives, special events and creative promotions on campus. Team MVCC’s goals and achievements are communicated to the college community regularly using the Team MVCC email, Facebook and an annual summary of accomplishments.


Contact Information

Sandy Cummings
Coordinator of Student Activites
Chair, Team MVCC


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