Weeks of May 31-July 12 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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Who Made Your Day at MVCC?

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MVCC Employees Making a Difference!

Who Made Your Day at MVCC? is a wonderful way to acknowledge and document the positive experiences you have here at MVCC. We invite and encourage you to share your story.

Weeks of May 31-July 12

Here are the individuals/groups who have received “Who Made Your Day at MVCC?” recognitions:

MJ Parry
Vincent Pellizzi
Dave Marlenga
Mary Vescio
Kevin Burch
Debra Born
Oleg Donchuk
Karen Kuznia
Philip Benson
Dan Ianno
Colleen Cornmire

And here are some of the great things that were said about them:
"...for all their help in building a complex report that was needed for a project..."
"...so quick to respond and provided exactly what I needed…"
"...MVCC is lucky to have such a knowledgeable IT department..."
"...always come to the rescue…"
"...absolutely amazing..."
"...called them immediately and set up an appointment for the next day...."
"...makes me proud to work with people who care so much about their job..."
"…will make a difference in this person's life…"
"...were wonderful to work with…"
"...will definitely refer students to them in the future..."
"...patience, kindness, and compassion was so nice to receive when my student and I needed it in those moments..."
"...went out of his way to help me in several different ways, ultimately taking care of the problem for me..."
"...he did it all with a positive tone, and never seemed bothered or frustrated by my lack of technical skills..."
"...knowledge and expertise is invaluable, and his helpful and positive demeanor inspire confidence and encourage excellence in all that we do here at MVCC..."
"...helped them numerous times with their questions..."
"...friendly and kind to people and always help adjuncts with any detail that they need assistance with..."
"...so comforting for me to know that people who are new to the campus can count on any of the individuals that they come across..."
"...quickly ran ideas in their head and within a couple of days they ran a report with all the necessary data in one easy file and in the order I needed the data..."
"...truly listened and helped me solve a problem..."