Weeks of Jan. 28-Feb. 15 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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Who Made Your Day at MVCC?

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MVCC Employees Making a Difference!

Who Made Your Day at MVCC? is a wonderful way to acknowledge and document the positive experiences you have here at MVCC. We invite and encourage you to share your story.

Weeks of Jan. 28-Feb. 15

Here are the individuals/groups who have received “Who Made Your Day at MVCC?” recognitions:

Department of Public Safety
Kathleen Bouse
DuWayne Engram
Jeff Zalewski

And here are some of the great things that were said about them:

"...There was a Public Safety officer at every building within 1 minute of the call..."
"...immediate response and literal running to find my student was impeccable and beyond words…"
"...always an uplifting spirit..."
"...models the way for everyone, as you walk by her office and she has a beautiful smile on her face giving a heartfelt hello to all..."
"...went above and beyond by giving me positive affirmations for the day and friendly advice..."
"...great job of ensuring that our students arrived and returned safely..."
"...the care they showed to each of our students yesterday was nothing short of amazing..."