Weeks of Feb. 18-March 1 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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Who Made Your Day at MVCC?

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MVCC Employees Making a Difference!

Who Made Your Day at MVCC? is a wonderful way to acknowledge and document the positive experiences you have here at MVCC. We invite and encourage you to share your story.

Weeks of Feb. 18-March 1

Here are the individuals/groups who have received “Who Made Your Day at MVCC?” recognitions:

Brandon Walcutt
Morris Pearson
Walt Constantini
Pete Abbe
Tom Jennings
Todd Rankins
Grace Costello
Rosemary Spetka
Kate Barefoot
Paul Katchmar
Colleen Cornmire

And here are some of the great things that were said about them:

"...helped me being a co-worker with an assignment. I can only imagine how he is with students..."
"...Amazing instructor…"
"...tremendous help towards my future..."
"...has formed a strong bond with this group of students, and that her constant encouragement and support has inspired some much needed confidence in the students..."
"...the powerful impact [her] efforts are having on this group of students..."
"...collaborated with commitment to make preferred name accessible in Banner 9..."
"...did not accept “we can’t” as an excuse because the students' experience at our College was impacted..."
"...truly portrayed each of the College’s core values..."