Week of Sept. 25-Oct. 6 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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Who Made Your Day at MVCC?

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MVCC Employees Making a Difference!

Who Made Your Day at MVCC? is a wonderful way to acknowledge and document the positive experiences you have here at MVCC. We invite and encourage you to share your story.

Week of Sept. 25-Oct. 6

Here are the individual(s) who have received “Who Made Your Day at MVCC?” recognitions:

Frank Vellone
Kayleigh Gapp
AJ Stepanick

And here’s some of the great things that were said about them:

"...took the time to talk with the student and find out how he reads materials, what formats and software he uses..."
"...taking the initiative and understanding to get information to the student in a format that he uses so he can have the material at the same time as everyone else..."
"...took it upon herself..."
"...[she] made it happen..."
"...taking the time to assist me on a Friday afternoon during the summer..."
"...received a call almost immediately..."