Week of Nov. 1-Nov. 8 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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Who Made Your Day at MVCC?

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MVCC Employees Making a Difference!

Who Made Your Day at MVCC? is a wonderful way to acknowledge and document the positive experiences you have here at MVCC. We invite and encourage you to share your story.

Week of Nov. 1-Nov. 8

Here are the individual(s) who have received “Who Made Your Day at MVCC?” recognitions:

Lisa Cooley
Bridget Parke
Daniel Eddy
Dave Marlinga

And here’s some of the great things that were said about them:

"...calm, reassuring, friendly, and completely focused on helping..."
"...so appreciative of her cool under pressure and her kindness..."
"...always the entertainer and always there to help a student in need..."
"...definitely has a positive impact on the students here on the Rome Campus.""...as always, was extremely courteous an!d willing to help in any way possible..."
"...always stops by the office to say hi and ask how my day is or my week-end..."
"...did a "superb" job, very efficient..."
"The MVCC family is lucky to have him as part of the team"
"...a true supporter of the Health Professions department."
"...willing to go the extra mile for our team..."