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A letter from the Director

Utica GEAR UP is excited about our partnership with the Utica City
School District, a partnership in its 4th year. Exciting things will be
happening at Proctor High School and the MVCC campus this year. We
especially look forward to working again with the GEAR UP students
and families.

The heart of Utica GEAR UP lies in the partnerships that have
been developed since 2011. These partnerships allow the
program to provide a wide range of opportunities to GEAR UP
students and their parents/guardians. Our collaboration with
MVCC’s Adult Learner Services is one new exciting example of
how we are reaching out to GEAR UP families.

Research suggests that when parents continue their education,
students follow in their footsteps. “The home environment
becomes richer; it’s more cognitively stimulating, and it helps
children learn,” said Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, a professor of
Human Development and Social Policy at Northwestern
University. A report by Katherine Magnuson of the University of
Wisconsin found that when mothers went back to school, their
children were less likely to drop out of high school or to become
teen parents.

In the spirit of this evidence, Utica GEAR UP, along with MVCC’s
Adult Learner Services, will be reaching out to GEAR UP parents
and guardians about the possibilities of going to college. Whether
it may be taking just one class or pursuing an MVCC certificate or
degree program, multiple possibilities exist to enter, or to reenter,
the educational pipeline. There is no better way to instill a
love of learning than when everyone in the household is engaged
in the learning process.


Todd Kubica
Director of Utica GEAR UP

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