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Transfer Articulation Agreements/Advising Guides by MVCC Major

Mohawk Valley Community College has signed many articulation or transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities. These agreements outline specific requirements for transferring to parallel programs at those institutions. Most of these agreements will state that MVCC students need to complete an AA/AS/AAS degree and can transfer with junior status, provided they meet the requirements of the agreement. Agreements may contain specific information on course equivalencies, minimum grade point average, prerequisites, designated courses or credits, scholarship availability, full-time and part-time requirements.

Along with these agreements, we also have created and maintained "advising guides" that are a part of these agreements. These advising guides specifically show the breakdown of how your coursework at MVCC will transfer to the specific institution and major. These guides are updated whenever programmatic changes occur. Please check with the University Partners & Transfer Center for the most current advising guide.

It is important to note that transfer opportunities are not limited to those with which we have formal agreements. Most 4-year colleges will accept all of our credits from AA or AS degree programs, and many from our AAS degree programs. The SUNY System has also established 'SUNY Transfer Pathways'. These pathways summarize the common lower division requirements shared by all SUNY campuses for similar majors within most disciplines. You can use these paths to identify common coursework that will prepare you for transfer to any SUNY institution.

For more information about articulation/transfer agreements, please stop by the University Partners & Transfer Center, Alumni College Center, 102.

Transfer Articulation Agreements & Advising Guides by MVCC Majors

A.A.S Accounting

A.S. Business Administration

A.A.S Business Administration

A.A.S Chemical Dependency

A.A.S. Civil Engineering Technology

A.A.S Computer Information Systems: Microcomputer Applications

A.S Computer Science

A.S Computer Science: Cybersecurity

A.A.S. Criminal Justice

A.A.S Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

A.S Criminal Justice

A.O.S. Culinary Arts Management

A.A.S Electrical Engineering Technology

A.A.S Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic

A.S Engineering Science

A.A.S Financial Services Management

A.A.S Fire Protection Technology

A.A.S Food Service Administration

A.S General Studies

A.A.S Graphic Communication: Graphic Design

A.A.S. Health Information Technology

A.A.S Health Studies: Radiologic Technology

A.A.S Hotel Technology

A.A.S Human Services

A.A. Humanities & Social Sciences

A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: International Studies

A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education

A.S Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education

A.S Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science-Biology

A.S Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science-Chemistry

A.S Liberal Arts & Science: Math & Science-Environmental Science-Biophysical Track

A.S Liberal Arts & Science: Math & Science-General Science

A.S Liberal Arts & Science: Math & Science-Geology

A.S Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science-Mathematics

A.S Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science-Physics

A.A.S Nursing

A.S Psychology

A.S Public Policy

A.A.S Respiratory Care

A.S. Sports Management

A.A Theatre