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College Visit Trips

College Visit Trips--Fall 20017

University Partners & Transfer Center is proud to announce an upcoming college visit trip! These trips provide a great opportunity to visit college campuses, talk with admissions representatives, and see what the campus has to offer! If interested in participating in these trips, stop in to the University Partners & Transfer Center in ACC 102 or email us at

Keep checking back for additional college visit trips!


  SUNY Oswego

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Are you interested in transferring to SUNY Oswego? Would you like to visit the campus? We are sponsoring a trip to SUNY Oswego on Friday, September 15th! This is a great opportunity to see SUNY Oswego's campus, and ask questions to students, faculty, & staff! Best part...IT'S FREE!


9:00am--> Bus Departure from MVCC Flagpole Circle

10:30am--> Bus Departure from OCC Campus

11:45am--> Arrive at SUNY Oswego

11:45am-->12:30pm-> Lunch at a Lakeside Dining Hall (no cost)

12:30pm--> Residence Hall Tour

1:00pm--> Admissions/Financial Aid Presentation

2:00pm--> Campus Tour with various stops along the way

4:00pm--> Alumni Student Panel

5:15pm--> Wrap up & Evaluation

5:30pm--> Reception

6:00pm--> Leave Oswego

8:00pm--> Arrive back to MVCC Flagpole