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Reporting a Title IX Complaint

Reporting Procedure:

    1 Reports shall be filed with:
        a. An employee with the authority to address complaints, including the
            Title IX Coordinators:
                i.  Executive Director of Human Resources,
                    Academic Building Room 113, (315) 792-5636
                ii. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students,
                    Payne Hall, Room 347, (315) 792-5324
        b. Public Safety:
                i. Department of Public Safety
                    1. Utica Campus, Room 109, (315) 792-5566 or by dialing '5777'
                        from any on campus emergency red phone
                    2. Rome Campus, Room 119, 315-334-3559

    2 The Title IX Coordinator will assign an investigator.
    3 Reports will be investigated and the results will be reported back to parties
       within sixty (60) calendar days.
    5 Retaliation for reporting a complaint will not be tolerated.

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