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Smart Classroom List - Utica Campus

Level 2 classrooms Utica campus Mounted Projector, Screen, Speakers and Computer
* classroom has TV connected to computer

AB 121AB 125AB 127AB 132*AB 134AB 135AB 141AB 143AB 145
AB 148AB 157AB 158AB 201AB 203AB 207AB 213AB 217AB 223
AB 226AB 229AB 233AB 235AB 242AB 243AB 245AB 246AB 249
AB 251AB 253AB 255AB 265     
ACC 216ACC 218ACC 222      
IT 116IT 117IT 119IT 127IT 128IT 130IT 136IT 137IT 138
IT 147IT 148IT 149IT 150    
IT 216IT 219IT 224IT 225IT 226IT 227   
PH 102PH 212PH 300      
ST 120ST 132       
JC 112        


Level 3 classrooms (Level 2 plus Smartboard)
AB 102AB 126AB 131AB 159AB 211AB 218AB 220AB 224
AB 227AB 230AB 231AB 232AB 234AB 244AB 248AB 252
ACC 220       
JC 108JC 109JC 200     



Level 4 classrooms - Mounted Flat Screen with Computer or IPad
AB 122AB 204
AB 268 
PH 220