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Classroom Information

Is there any technology in the classroom that you are teaching in?

If you need technology but were not scheduled in a room with technology:


The SmartBoard software can be downloaded through the Smart website by clicking on the SmartBoard logo.

Smart Board Logo

The product key for the software installation is: NB-AECSG-BSKQ3-FCRDS-UNASH

SmartBoard training materials are available for downloading:

Blackboard Logo

Blackboard (Bb) is the Online Course Management system that is used at MVCC.

New to Bb? It's a good idea for faculty members as well as students to check out the MVOnline website to determine if teaching / learning online is really for you.

Want to start teaching online?  If you are interested in teaching online, contact Norma Chrisman for your initial training.

Interested in developing a course in Bb?  You will need to complete a MVCC Development form.

Banner and SIRS Information - click on the various links below regarding training materials for the Banner and SIRS systems.

Class Cancellation system - Instructors can cancel their classes via an internet form per the procedure listed below.


Training Schedule

Current Training Schedule

Click here for the current training / staff development schedule