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4-Runners Club

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What is the 4-Runners Club

As a way to increase involvement in Team MVCC, the 4-Runners Club has been created to recognize the commitment of Team MVCC participants.  The 4-Runners Club is made up of Faculty, Staff, and Students who actively participate in Team MVCC events and projects throughout the year. 

To be a member of the 4-Runners Club MVCC Faculty and Staff are expected to not only participate in Team MVCC events, but also contribute to the MVCC Foundation annual campaign. Students however will be asked to simply participate in four Team MVCC events.

For MVCC Faculty and Staff to become a member of the 4-Runners Club an individual must participant in at least three “Team MVCC 4-Runners Club” designated events, and donate annually to the MVCC Foundation.   This club serves not only as an incentive to encourage more individuals to become involved in Team MVCC events, but also an opportunity to recognize these individuals for their commitment to the college and our community.

Contact Information

Gail Warchol
Academic Project Manager, Learning and Academic Affairs
Co-Chair, Team MVCC

Telephone: 315.792.5479


Elizabeth DiRaimo
Financial Aid Advisor
Co-Chair, Team MVCC

Telephone: 315.731.5796



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