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Residence Halls/Judicial Procedures

Judicial Procedures

The following procedures have been established to provide students with due process when it is alleged that they have violated College/Residence Hall policy and/or rules and regulations.

1. The College will designate an appropriate campus official to serve as Conduct Officer and may appoint supplemental Conduct Officers as
necessary to assist in the judicial process.

2. The title Conduct Officer shall include the Director of Civic Responsibilities, the Assistant Dean for Student Life and Director of Student
Housing, Vice President for Student Affairs, Resident Director, Center Dean, Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs, the Associate Vice-President/Dean of the Rome Campus, or a designee.

If a Conduct Officer feels there exists clear danger to the safety and well being of individuals attending or working at the College, immediate suspension from the College or any specific area may be imposed. The following process will continue ONLY if the suspended student submits a request for an investigation to begin. This request must be in writing and be submitted within 5 days of the suspension. Without this request, the student will automatically be expelled from the College and will forfeit all rights to appeal.

Procedures and Timelines

The Conduct Officer shall receive written complaint within 5 days of alleged incident.

The Conduct Officer conducts an investigation, interviewing all parties and witnesses and shall maintain a written record of what transpires.

If the student admits to the violation(s), the Conduct Officer shall may immediately impose an appropriate sanction.

If the student maintains innocence, the Conduct Officer will determine whether a violation occurred based on the results of their investigation. The Conduct Officer shall notify the alleged violator in writing within 10 days of the initial incident the determination and appropriate sanctions, if any.

The College reserves the right to rescind or impose additional sanctions if further information comes to the attention of College officials once a sanction has been imposed.

The above timelines may be adjusted depending on the nature of the allegation and the investigation(s) needed.

A student maintains the right to request an appeal.

Filing a false report or intentionally misleading an investigation may result in Residence Hall and College sanctions up to dismissal.


Security Camera Vandalism Investigation

At any time a security camera review identifies a person(s) responsible for vandalism or damage, a Conduct Officer reserves the right to complete no further investigation and may expeditiously sanction the responsible person(s). The student will be subject to the standard appeal process.


The College views education to be its primary focus. However, when a violation of College policy, rules or regulations occurs, consequences for
such actions must be enforced. The College will attempt mediation when appropriate.

Warning/Reprimand: Oral or written notice that a further violations may be cause for further disciplinary action.

Referral for Assistance: Recommendation that assistance be sought out from various campus services and/or outside agencies to specifically address the situation.

Judicial Probation: Formal notification that further violations may result in for additional sanctions from the College. Past probation will be considered in the event of similar future violations. Students on judicial probation may be ineligible for future on-campus housing.

Restitution: Reimbursement to the College or another party for the value of damaged or destroyed property. Restitution may not always be in monetary terms, but could include appropriate volunteer service.

Restrictive Measures: A ban from specific facilities, services or activities for a designated period of time.

Expulsion from a Course: Removal from a specific course. Depending upon the infraction, the student may be permanently barred from re-enrollment in the course or may be allowed to re-enroll after a specified period of time. Students will receive a final grade for the course as determined by the faculty member’s grading scale listed on the course syllabus. Any work uncompleted at the time of expulsion will be factored in as zeros. Grades of incomplete or ongoing (ON) are not options if expelled from a course.

Expulsion from a Program: Removal from a program. Students may be removed from a program for such violations as academic dishonesty and code of conduct infractions. Depending upon the program and the infraction, the student may be permanently barred from re-enrollment in the program or may be allowed to re-enroll after a specified period of time. The student may be eligible to enroll in an alternative program and should seek guidance from a College Advisor.

Residence Hall Dismissal: The dismissed student must leave the Residence Halls by the deadline issued. Room fee will be adjusted according to the Room and Fee Reduction Policy. Continuing your meal plan is usually optional. However, you must inform staff at check-out if you wish to continue your meal plan.

The dismissed student is also banned from the Residence Halls/quad area for the specified period of time and will be subject to arrest for trespassing in that area.

Work Assignment – Supervised work assignment. Failure to complete a work
assignment cooperatively and successfully will result in judicial action.

Residence Hall Fine – Amounts will be determined by a Conduct Officer. No
student will be allowed to make fine payments from his/her security/damage

Disciplinary Expulsion: Permanent removal from the College with final grades determined by the faculty members’ grading scale listed on each course syllabi. Any work uncompleted at the time of the expulsion will be factored in as zeros. Grades of incomplete or ongoing (ON) are not options if expelled from the College. The student will not be allowed on College property or be eligible to participate in College-sponsored activities.

Termination of Employment: Removal from any employment within the College (paid or volunteer) for a specific period of time.

Civil Action: The College reserves the right to file civil actions for behavior that violates the law as well as College policy, rules and/or regulations.

In cases involving student organizations, permission to operate on campus or use College property may be revoked.

Disciplinary Appeals

A Disciplinary Appeal is the final step in a student’s right to due process. If requested by a student, an appeal hearing will provide for a fair, timely and impartial review of the sanction(s) imposed by a Conduct Officer. In cases where the request for an appeal is for a sanction up to and including probation, an Appeals Board will be convened. In cases where the appeal is for a sanction of dismissal or expulsion, or an otherwise sensitive issue, an Administrative Hearing will be held with the Vice President for Student Affairs, or designee. Note: the student e-mail will be the official form of communication during the appeal scheduling process..

Appeal Deadline: The appeal must be submitted to the Conduct Officer within two days following written receipt of notification of sanction(s).