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Residence Hall Regulations


Judicial Procedures, including appeal process, will follow the procedures in the College Code of Conduct.

* Residence hall students are also held accountable for all College Regulations, as they appear on the Code of Conduct.


Policy#ViolationRecommended Range
of Sanctions
RH1AArsonResidence hall dismissal, college dismissal, legal action, fines
RH1BDeliberately activating, disabling, covering or tampering with any part of the fire alarm system; jeopardizing fire safetyCovering a room smoke detector; mandatory room change or $50 fine payable within 24 hours or 24 hour Resident Hall ban.
RH1CIntentional failure to leave a building during alarmSafety Probation, Residence Hall dismissal, legal action, educational sanction, fines. 
RH1DNegligently jeopardizing fire safety including operation of fire equipmentProbation, referral for work assignment, residence hall dismissal
RH1EFalse fire alarm - malicious activation$5 fine for all residents in building
RH1FNegligent activationWarning, letter of apology to Utica Fire Department, residence hall dismissal
RH1GAccidental fire alarmLetters of apology to residents and Utica Fire Department, restitution for damages
RH1HOpening a fire exit when no emergency existsWarning, probation
RH1IPossession of flammable/combustible/dangerous chemicalsConfiscation, residence hall dismissal, college suspension/expulsion, legal action



Policy#ViolationRecommended Range of Sanctions
RH2AStorage, consumption, or possession of any alcoholic beverage in room or on Dormitory Corporation property

1st Offense - probation, mandatory alcohol education class

2nd Offense - dismissal

Note: Incidents involving mass quantity may result in greater sanctions.

RH2BSelling/distributing/purchasing alcoholic beverages to minors

Residence Hall Dismissal, Legal action

RH2CIn a location where alcohol is present

1st Offense - probation, mandatory alcohol education class

2nd Offense - dismissal

RH2DPossession of empty alcohol containersWarning, probation
RH2EPossible alcohol/drug overdose, requiring staff assistance (*Non-good Samaritan or Amnesty.)

Warning, mandatory substance abuse education, residence hall dismissal


Care and Use of Property Related

Policy #ViolationTypical Sanctions
RH3Deliberately creating any mess or property damageRestitution, work assignment, probation, residence hall dismissal
RH4Reckless/Negligent/Accidental damageRestitution
RH5Improper disposal of garbage$10 fine, work assignment,educational sanction


Room Code Violations

Policy #ViolationTypical Sanctions
RH6Furniture obstructing view of all bedsWarning, fine, probation
RH7Re-positioning/removal of ceiling tiles or hanging items from ceilingWarning, fine, probation
RH8Unauthorized equipmentFine ($25 per microwave, $10 per other) and confiscation, probation
RH9Exceeding maximum room occupancyWarning, revocation of privileges


Miscellaneous Policies

Policy #ViolationTypical Sanctions
RH10Possession of stolen public property (i.e. street signs)Confiscation without notification, warning, residence hall dismissal, legal action
RH11Unauthorized petsRemoval of pets, fine
RH12Athletic activity in the Residence HallsWarning, fine, probation
RH13Fireworks/smoke bombsConfiscation, probation, residence hall dismissal, legal action
RH14Throwing any object out window or over balcony; removing/raising screenWork assignment, room reassignment, probation, residence hall dismissal
RH15Jumping/leaning out window or over balcony; climbing onto a roof; entering or exiting through a room windowProbation, residence hall dismissal
RH16Moving common area furniture into student rooms; exchanging furnishings between roomsFine, warning, return of items
RH17ACandles and incense (possession)1st Offense - warning
2nd Offense - $10 fine
RH17BCandles and incense (burning)1st Offense - $15 fine
2nd Offense - Dismissal
RH18Failure to recycle$10 fine, educational sanction
RH19Loaning/borrowing keys or proximity card1st Offense-Warning,
2nd  Offense-Probation,
3rd Offense- Dismissal
RH20Quiet hours violation1st Offense - Written Warning
2nd Offense - Written warning/fine/work assignment/room re-assignment
3rd Offense - Probation. Subsequent violations result in more severe sanctions
RH21AProviding access to residence halls for anyone other than your own guests1st Offense-Warning, educational sanction,
2nd Offense-Probation,
3rd Offense-Residence hall dismissal.
RH21BTampering or propping entrance doors1st Offense-Educational sanction,
2nd Offense -Probation,
3rd Offense- Residence hall dismissal. Must pay for any entrance damage, if any.
RH22Present in opposite gender bathroomWarning, privilege revocation, residence hall probation
RH23Not cooperating with staffWarning, educational sanction, probation, residence hall dismissal
RH24Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy - *In Residence Hall Room.  Exterior violations follow College sanctioning guidelines.1st Offense - $10 fine
2nd Offense - $15 fine
3rd Offense - Probation, dismissal
RH25Unauthorized room change1st Offense-Return to original room, fine, 2nd Offense-Probation
RH26Guest/visitor pass violation

1st Offense- Warning, loss of privilege; subsequent violations - residence hall dismissal

Allowing a "squatter" to occupy a room for more than one week will result in a room rent fine.

RH27GamblingWarning, dismissal, legal action
RH28Unauthorized access

Warning, educational sanction,
probation, residence hall dismissal

RH29Disruptive ActWarning, educational sanction, probation, residence hall dismissal