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New Directions Program

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New Directions is a program at Mohawk Valley Community College that is very intentional about serving individuals released from jails and prisons who have made the decision to enroll for classes at this particular college.  For many of these individuals, it is their first time attending classes at the college level. 

Mohawk Valley Community College has made a conscious decision to provide services to this population given the reality that there are a growing number of individuals who recognize the importance of getting a college degree.  Here at MVCC, we recognize the importance of serving this growing population for the well-being of the individual and our community. 

New Directions provides students not only the opportunity to return to school, but also opportunities to receive the support that is essential to complete their Associates degree and pursue their education or career goals.

New Directions has a team of individuals that respond to the unique needs that students coming out of prison typically encounter, which could range from readjusting to their family, significant other and a new lifestyle.

In short, New Directions encourages students to stay on the right track in all aspects of their life so that they are able to reach their educational and personal goals.




New Directions Forms

Please download, print and fill out these forms to be handed in at Payne Hall, Room 347.

New Directions Criteria Checklist

Certificate of Release Form

Class Withdrawal Form

Release of Confidential Information Form

Interview Acknowledgement Form

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Morris Pearson
Director Civic Responsibilities
Chief Conduct Officer, Judicial Affairs and The New Directions Program

Payne Hall, Room 347
Phone: 315.731.5792