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Miscellaneous Policies & Procedures


MVCC clearly states that it seeks to assure the health and well being of all students. The College is committed to prevention efforts and intervention techniques. The College is also committed to a standard of conduct that prohibits at a minimum the unlawful possession and use or distribution of alcohol and other drugs by students.

Students should remember that the sale, use or even possession of a narcotic or dangerous drug (including marijuana, LSD, or any “narcotic, drug, depressant, or stimulant drug”) constitutes an illegal act, unless expressly permitted by law. Legal authorities are required by their office to investigate and to prosecute whenever there is evidence of such illegal activity, and the College student is not immune from such investigation and prosecution.

The College, therefore, will readily cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the upholding of the law and expects that our students will recognize drug abuse for the problem that it is and avoid its dangers.

If, unfortunately, a student does engage in such illegal activity, it should be understood that he or she faces not only legal prosecution but also the possibility of disciplinary action through the Student Conduct Judicial Procedure.

MVCC’s policy is outlined in the College’s Right to Know publication, available upon request and on the College’s website www.mvcc.edu.


Any student who feels that an injustice has been perpetrated upon him or her by a professional staff member or a classified service employee has recourse as follows:

• When a student believes there are grounds for an academic complaint, the procedures detailed in the Student Academic Complaint Policy
section of the handbook shall be followed by all parties.

• When a student believes there are grounds for a complaint which is other than academic in nature, the Vice President for Student Affairs will act as an information center. The student is urged to meet with the Vice
President or designee to discuss any such problems and seek advice.


Mohawk Valley Community College has a policy and procedure in place in the event a Residence Hall student is reported as missing. Reports of missing faculty, staff, guest or non-residential students should be reported to the Campus Safety & Security Office for assistance in contacting the appropriate Police Department.

Any person wishing to report a Residence Hall student missing must contact the Campus Safety and Security Department. Security personnel will initiate a missing student incident report and immediately report its findings to the appropriate College administrator. The Administrator, in accordance with institutional procedures, will contact the appropriate student contact and law enforcement not later than 24 hours after the time the student was determined missing. Residence Hall students 18 years and holder may register a confidential contact to be notified instead of the Emergency Contact on their Resident Application Form. A custodial parent or guardian will be the emergency
contact for a non-emancipated student under age 18.

In all cases, the Vice President for Student Affairs will serve as the main point
of contact and repository of information.


Mohawk Valley Community College Security personnel are familiar with the New York State Penal Law dealing with offenses that could or have resulted in personal injury, serious personal injury or death. All Security personnel will follow appropriate guidelines as outlined by the Director of Campus Safety and Security. The first of those guidelines is to provide the medical attention or response needed to ensure the victim is stable. In all cases, the local police agency (Utica or Rome) will be called as soon as the victim is out of immediate medical danger.

When the situation is turned over to the police agency, College Security personnel will assist in obtaining necessary information or securing the crime scene. Appropriate College officials will be notified as soon as possible by the Director of Campus Safety and Security.