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Judicial Affairs & Civic Responsibilities

Our Commitment to Due Process


Mohawk Valley Community College believes in the following values: social responsibility, civility, personal accountability, professional and academic ethics, personal integrity, dignity, fairness, honesty, respect for self and others and participation in local, regional and global communities.

Based on the Student Code of Conduct, the following rights and regulations govern the relationship between students and the College.

The policies and Codes of Conduct have been updated by administrators and Board of Trustees of Mohawk Valley Community College. They can be found in the Student Handbook.


Establish behavioral standards that exemplify civility and respect within the campus community and the greater community. Provide alternative pathways through training and informational programs that increase awareness and create a deeper understanding of others’ personal or cultural beliefs. 



Develop and broaden positive attitudes that reflect cultural quality and acceptance of others personal beliefs that promote success as individuals to perform at their highest potential.

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