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Residence Hall Technology

Residence Hall Technology

Cable T.V.

One cable outlet is provided in each bedroom and suite Gathering Room. Students may connect up to two televisions, “UL” approved, to this connection for television service. For more information on how to connect a television, channel line-up and more, please visit


The MVCC Residence Halls have a fully wireless Internet system for residents. This is high speed Internet Service provided by Spectrum.   Students will receive their access code at check-in and may connect up to three devices via the code.  It is necessary to call the Time Warner tech support telephone line as listed on our website to manually add browser-less units (i.e. wireless printer) or upgrade for additional devices.  Please visit the College’s website, more information on Internet Services.

Note: Die to a new WiFi contract, actual procedures are subject to change.

Security Cameras

  • The Residence Halls have closed circuit security cameras in various inside and outside locations. Individual requests for Residence Hall personnel to review a security camera are subject to the following guidelines:
  • The appropriate incident report must be filed with Public Safety within 24 hours. This report cannot be retracted after the camera identifies a policy violation and judicial procedures will occur.
  • The report must state the exact location of the alleged incident and give the time, to the best of your knowledge that the incident occurred.
  • No digital copy of a recording will be provided to anyone, except law enforcement officers or in response to a subpoena.
  • The Dormitory Corporation, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to deny the request or to limit the time frame to be reviewed.

Note: Hard disk available space limits the amount of available storage.

Note: MVCC Dormitory Corporation is only responsible to provide live access for cable/internet. If live access is operational and it is determined that the problem is personal equipment, the student may need to arrange for personal equipment repair privately, at their own expense.