Residence Hall Closing/Vacations

The mission of Residence Halls is to provide housing when college is in session. All residents are required to vacate the Residence Halls during scheduled recesses and vacation periods. Special services will be provided for international students and students with housing or food insecurities, when possible.  The hall closing and opening schedule is available on the Residence Life website at If the resident is returning to the residence halls at the end of the recess or vacation, the resident’s belongings can remain in the resident’s room except for summer recess. If the resident is not returning to the residence halls after the recess, all of the resident’s belongings must be removed from the room by the closing deadline and the student must follow withdrawal or checkout procedures, including, but not limited to returning keys.

The remaining roommate must prepare the room for a new roommate. Failure to prepare this room for a possible new roommate will result in a monetary fine. The Dormitory Corporation staff reserves the right to prepare the room if necessary. Any staff preparation of rooms will result in a $50 fine.

During vacation periods, recesses and between semester breaks, front door access to each building is changed; students may not access the buildings with their proximity cards during a vacation or recess. The access is returned to normal at the end of the recess.

Any student who cannot meet the residence hall opening or closing deadlines or who have housing or food insecurities should contact Residence Life by the published deadline. Special arrangements can be made for individuals who have legitimate reasons for arriving early at the halls, or for leaving after the hall-closing deadline. Residence Hall closing is not an excuse for class absence. Arrangements can and will be made.

All students must vacate the buildings by the published closing time each semester. Failure to sign-out on a Room Inventory Form at the end of your residency during an academic year will automatically result in forfeiture of the security/damage deposit refund.

Whenever the Residence Halls close for recess or vacation, it is important to complete the following tasks in your room. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine.

  1. Let your R.A. know when you are leaving.
  2. Unplug everything, including defrosting the refrigerator. Please place towel under the refrigerator.
  3. Shut and lock all windows tightly.
  4. Close all blinds.
  5. Remove all trash to dumpster.
  6. Shut off all lights.
  7. Lock your door.
  8. Remove perishable food

All prohibited items will be confiscated without notice and referred to Judicial Affairs & Community Standards.

Any student failing to remove large items from the property, e.g. a couch, when they end residency, will be charged a disposal fee of $50. This fee will be increased if the Dormitory Corporation incurs additional disposal fees.