Student Activities Program

The College provides a wide variety of experiences for its students through student clubs, Program Board, Student Congress and other activity related organizations. There are a variety of clubs and organizations in existence; others can be formed if interest exists.

The Student Activities Program is co-curricular education, providing first-hand experience in planning, group leadership, committee work and budgetary management. This “hands on” experience, combined with classroom learning, creates a well-rounded college experience for those students choosing to participate. The College encourages individual students and organizations to become engaged in the local community through various means. Community service learning can be a vital part of a student’s education.

Shared Interest Groups (SIG)

In an effort to engage a variety of students and their shared interests, five or more students can request to become a provisional club through the Executive Board of Student Congress.  This provision is only allowable when no other active club shares the same interest and it cannot exceed three occurrences. The monetary funding cannot exceed $250 per occurrence.

Clubs and Organizations