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Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology Building 139

   Each student registered for classes at MVCC is assigned a logon account at the beginning of each semester. These accounts can be used for computer access in the over 30 academic computing labs located on the Utica and Rome campuses. In addition, each student is provided an email account and network storage that can be accessed from any computer on the Internet.

   The 60-seat open lab on the Utica campus along with the library open lab on the Rome campus provide students most of the applications that are used in class. Those applications not available in the open labs are typically available through department sponsored open lab time in their specific labs.

   MVCC has an extensive wireless network, which is available to students. Any student wishing to connect to the wireless network can visit the IT helpdesk (IT 139 in Utica, which is located inside IT 133) or the Media Center (PC L03 in Rome) for installation of the required security code. The IT department staffs a helpdesk in the IT Building located within the main open lab (IT 133). Issues on the Rome campus can be directed to the Media Center located in the Plumley Complex (PC L03).