1. Areas of "Rescue Assistance" apply to other than ground level floors of all buildings on the Utica Campus with more than one story above and/or below grade with an elevator.
  2. When a fire alarm sounds employees (faculty and staff) are to help insure the safe evacuation of mobility impaired individuals (evacuee(s)) in their area of authority (classroom, office, etc.). The evacuee(s) are to be accompanied by the employee to a designated area of refuge/area of rescue assistance evacuation area and asked to stay until MVCC Public Safety, and/or fire department personnel arrive at the scene.
  3. A Campus Public Safety Officer will be immediately dispatched to evacuation areas during all emergencies. They will monitor the situation (smoke, flames, etc.) which, could necessitate the immediate evacuation of people with mobility impairments. In the event of an evacuation, Department of Public Safety, Facilities and Operations and/or Fire Department personnel will conduct the actual evacuation.

Areas of Rescue Assistance: * Check with Public Safety for changes in locations.

Utica Campus

  • Academic Building: 1) 2nd floor landing of stairwell adjacent to elevator; 2) Stairwell next to Room 272.
  • Alumni College Center: In area of Auxiliary Services Office, ACC 206.
  • Jorgensen Center: 1) 2nd floor area adjacent to the elevator; 2) 2nd floor crossover facing main quad above performance gymnasium.  *Note: during severe weather: persons in the Field House and Fitness center; should evacuate to the main foyer of those areas.  While persons using the pool are to evacuate the pool and congregate on the pools’ deck.
  • Francis A. Wilcox Hall: 1) 1st floor stairwell closest to the gym and baseball field; 2) 2nd floor in the stairwell closest to the Alumni College Center and Penfield Dorm; 2nd floor in the stairwell behind the elevator on the baseball field side.
  • Payne Hall: 2nd and 3rd floor landing areas of stairwells on the Sherman Drive and quad/gym side. Basement area adjacent to the elevator on the Sherman Drive side.
  • Bellamy Hall: 2nd and 3rd floor landings of North and South stairwells.

Rome Campus

  • Plumley Complex: Areas of Rescue Assistance;” Those areas adjacent to the elevator on the basement/lower level, Mezzanine, and second floor.
  • Areas of Refuge, marked “AREAS OF REFUGE”:
    • Stairwell 1 – second floor (marked and has a phone)
    • Stairwell 2 – mezzanine and basement (both marked and have phones)
    • Stairwell 3 – second floor and basement (both marked and have a phone)
    • Stairwell 4 – mezzanine and basement (both marked and have phones)
    • Outside doors to stairwell 2 and 4 on the second floor (both marked and have no phones)

NOTE: Local fire officials are informed of the location of evacuation areas and this procedure.