Academic Dismissal Appeal Guidelines

If you are academically dismissed, your dismissal letter will provide time sensitive directions on how to proceed with an Academic Appeal. Please pay close attention to the due date included in the letter. Questions should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (VPLAA).

The student’s written appeal and any supporting documentation must be in the Office of the VPLAA no later than the date and time listed in the dismissal letter.
Supporting documentation may include verifiable written statements from physicians, therapists, police, attorneys, financial counselors, family members, or others who can confirm the particular circumstances supporting the appeal.

A prompt and thorough review of the student’s submitted written material and a review of the student’s academic history will be made.

The VPLAA will notify the student of the final decision in writing.

The student, if readmitted to a College program upon appeal, shall remain on academic probation. Students must contact their School Dean to reschedule and/or reassess their academic progress.

  1. Academic Amnesty does not change or adjust financial aid eligibility. Federal and state standards for the evaluation of academic history may supersede the College’s Academic Amnesty.
  2. Outstanding financial obligations incurred by the student prior to approval of Academic Amnesty remain the responsibility of the student.
  3. Students may be required to participate in academic activities as a condition of their Academic Amnesty approval.
  4. There is no guarantee that MVCC’s Academic Amnesty will be recognized by any other college or university.
  5. Grades earned in programs such as Nursing in which there is a limit in the number of times a course can be repeated, may not be eligible for Academic Amnesty. Students should consult with their School Dean at the time of application.  

* The Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs may approve exceptions as needed or based on the Dean’s recommendation in accordance with degree program requirements.