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Student Congress




Thursdays at 3:00 PM

Utica: IT 225

Rome:  Library Conference Room PC 111



Student Congress is the student government at MVCC. It has three main purposes:

1. Represent students to the College

2. Supervise the student activity fee

3. Plan events that are cultural, educational, recreational, and social

All students who pay the student activity fee may become a member of Student Congress if they have a 2.0 or better GPA.

Student Congress oversees a student activity fee* budget of over $500,000.00 Student organizations requesting funding should contact Congress or the Student Activities Office (on either campus).

Student Congress clubs are open to all students!

The members of Student Congress elect or appoint fellow members to officer positions including President, Vice-President, Vice-President of Rome, Student Trustee, Treasurer, and Program Director/Cultural Committee member.


The Student Activity Fee is used collected by the College and is used to fund three separate entities at MVCC: Inter-collegiate Athletics, College Cultural Committee, and Student Congress Clubs/Organizations.

For more information contact the Officers of Student Congress:

President: or 315-731-5824

Vice-President of Utica  or 315-731-5822

Vice-President of Rome or 315-731-5841

Student Trustee: or 315-731-5822

Treasurer: or 315-731-5821

Program Board Director: or 315-731-5824

Advisor:  Jean Leandre


              Sandy Cummings


               De'Anna Hopkinson



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