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Announcements for Students

IMPORTANT REMINDERS regarding Spring 2014 Semester

Apr 2, 2014

Midterm Grades are available to students in the Student Information and Registration System (SIRS). These are not official grades, but an indication of your progress. Letters were sent to students based on midterm results. If no grade is posted please contact your instructor. Midterm grades are not assigned to short courses (8 weeks or less). Consult with your academic advisor and Financial Aid if you need to withdraw from a course.

Nonattendance: Students who have never attended or who have stopped attending a class may have been deleted from class by the instructor. If you were deleted for non-attendance, you will receive a grade of “W”.  Such a grade could impact Financial Aid and degree progress.

Withdrawal from a Course: April 14th is the last day to withdraw from a full-term course (15 week courses). Drop forms must be completed and turned in to the Office of Records and Registration by this date. Any 15 week course that is dropped by April 15th will receive a grade of “W.”

Applications for Graduation for Spring 2014 are due NOW. If you intend to graduate in May 2014, please turn in your completed Application for Graduation immediately. May commencement ceremony will be on May 16th, 2014.


Priority Registration for Fall 2014 begins April 14th. Check your MVCC e-mail from in a few days for a notification of your earliest opportunity to register online. Students with the highest number of credit hours earned at MVCC are given first priority. Students planning to continue in the fall semester are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to register early.


Students who are not pursuing a degree or are newly matriculated for Fall can begin scheduling their courses for Fall 2014 on April 23rd.