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Announcements for Students

Emergency Notification Test Monday June 3

May 29, 2013

Marketing and Communications

On Monday, June 3, technicians from Avaya Networks and MVCC staff will re-test the College's emergency phone notification system. This is a
follow-up to the test that was conducted on April 5.

The tentative test schedule sets initial on-campus phone notifications to
occur at 6:30 a.m. on the Utica and Rome campuses. If follow-up tests are
needed they will be conducted during the day on June 3 and possibly on
June 4. If tests are required during the workday every effort will be made
to initiate them at :51 past the hour (when most class periods are
changing over).

These tests are of the phone notification only. NY-Alert text message/cell
phone notification, the on-campus siren, and other emergency notification
systems will not be activated on June 3.

If there is ever a real emergency or campus closure notification you will
receive specific information and instructions via NY-Alert. If you wish to
sign up or change how you receive NY-Alert messages, log into your SIRS
account and click on Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY-ALERT).