PRINT ATTENTION: Electrical Maintenance on May 25

ATTENTION: Electrical Maintenance on May 25

Please be advised that we are in need of performing some necessary preventive maintenance on the electrical gear in the Academic Building the Saturday after graduation ” MAY 25, 2013”. We will be turning the electrical power off at approximately 6:00am for 10 minutes  for the entire campus. The Academic Building’s power will be the only building without power from 6:00am-12:00pm.

During this period, the following Information Technology Services will also be affected:
                -Emails that are sent to “” will not be delivered and will return an error message to the sender.
                -All remote connections such as Outlook Web Mail and VPN’s will not be available.
                -SIRS, Degreeworks and the other administrative systems will not be available.

       WILL be available but links to the systems listed above will fail.
                -Blackboard will remain available via the link on

Once all preventive maintenance is completed we will need to power down the entire campus for a short time to be able to bring the Academic Building back on line, this should only last approximately 10 minutes and then the entire campus will be back on line for normal operation.