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Gender Inclusive Housing

MVCC strives to be a campus where all students feel welcome.   Gender inclusive housing provides another welcoming housing option.

What is gender inclusive housing?
• MVCC Residence Halls were designed to create areas called suites or quads that would house male or female students.  Gender inclusive housing allows students to request a residence hall quad/suite without regard of the gender of occupants.
• Limited gender inclusive housing available in North or South Hall and Bellamy Hall.

What gender inclusive housing is not?
• Gender inclusive housing is not intended for romantic partners.

Can any student request/be assigned to a gender inclusive suite/quad?
Any student can request gender inclusive housing.  Only students who request gender inclusive housing are assigned to gender inclusive housing.

Are gender inclusive suites identified?

How does a student request gender inclusive housing?
On the Housing Information & Preference Form, a student requesting gender inclusive housing would list the request on the "other preferences" line.  If the student is a returning student, the request would be made on the Room Selection Form.

For more information, please contact Dennis Gibbons.