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Student Engagement and Outreach FAQ

Can faculty/staff get students for various committees, events, etc.?

Student Activities staff is glad to help you locate students but we welcome Faculty and Staff to attend Student Congress and make their requests known themselves.

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How do I become a club adviser or what do I need to know about being an adviser.

At least once a year Student Activities staff offer a workshop that faculty and staff can attend during an Institute to learn about being a Club Advisor.  If that is not convenient staff will meet with you to help you understand the role of a Club Advisor.

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I'd love to have someone speak at my CF 100 class. How do it set this up?

Student Activities staff love to speak at CF 100 classes in order to give information on how students can get involved with programming outside of the classroom.  Just contact our office.

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What faculty collaborations exist?

Contact Student Activities.  If your project requires funding and can fall under the faculty collaboration guidelines we will be glad to assist you.  If this is not something we can assist with but is related to one of the student clubs we can advise the faulty on how to contact the club.

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How can students start new clubs and organizations or get them going again?

Schedule a meeting with staff in Student Activities OR with an officer of Student Government and the process to get involved or to start a club will be explained.  Also see information on clubs and organizations on the student activities web page.

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How do I book a room for a club meeting or an event?

If your CLUB needs to book a room for an event or meeting staff in Student Activities can assist.

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What are Student Government involvement/training/policies & procedures?

First look to the student activities web page and you will find policies and procedures manual posted.  This is a live document that is updated each time a change is made to any policy or procedure.  If you are unclear after reviewing that document see a staff in Student activities OR an officer of Student Government.

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What steps are needed to plan a club event or activity?

Clubs and organizations first work to plan the event with assistance from their Advisor.  Once an initial plan has been developed a club representative can meet with student activities staff to see if the plan is viable and next steps.

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