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Admissions FAQ

When Can I Apply to MVCC?

Mohawk Valley Community College operates on a rolling Admissions schedule.

Fall 2018 applications are being accepted at

*Please note Health Care programs have a March 1st application deadline.


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What Are Your Admissions Requirements?

MVCC is an Open Enrollment Institution. Students who have obtained a high school diploma or graduate equivalency diploma (TASC/GED) will be accepted to the college.  Open admissions does not guarantee acceptance to selective programs such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering and certain Health Science Programs.

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What Do I Need To Be Accepted?

In addition to the admissions application, we will need an official, sealed copy of your high school transcripts or GED/TASC scores. If you have college credit you would like to transfer to MVCC, you must request an official transcript be sent from each college you have attended.

High school and college transcripts should be sent to:

Mohawk Valley Community College
Admissions Office
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501

High school graduates need to make sure your transcript has a graduation date and official counselors signature on it. 

Please do not open your transcript if it is sent to you or if you pick it up from your school. Opening it will deem the transcript unofficial.

MVCC does not accept faxed copies of transcripts or picture/personal scanned copies of transcripts. All transcripts need to follow the official format to be considered.

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When Will You Send My Acceptance Packet?

Fall 2018 Students: Acceptance letters will be sent out within 7 days of acceptance. Acceptance letters are sent to a student once an application is considered complete (application filed out and appropriate official transcripts have arrived).  Please note that acceptance letters delivery dates/times vary based on the USPS delivery system.

Please note it takes us a minimum of 7-10 days to process an application after it has been received. Acceptance packets are not sent to a student until all admissions requirements are met (official high school transcripts or GED's need to be sent to consider applications complete. Faxed copies are not accepted. Other admissions criteria may apply).

E-Mail Acceptance Notification: MVCC will send an electronic notification to the personal email you provide on your colelge application.  Please be sure to check the spam filter as some e-mail providers will consider the note spam. 

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Is There An Application Fee?

Students can apply to MVCC for free using our online application.  Apply now.

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When does the Fall 2018 semester start?

Classes for the Fall 2018 Semester start on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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When and Where Do I Receive My SIRS Username & Password.

The Admissions Office does NOT send out SIRS username names and passwords.

Matriculated students will receive the SIRS username and password from the Advisement Office within 7-10 business days of returning your Admissions Reservation Form.

Non-matriculated students need to click registrar/scheduling and scroll to the middle of the page for information on how to request your pin number.

Current Students: Current students, if you have been in the system before you had to set a security question.  Go to the log in page, put in your ID number (or SSN) for the ID and then click on Forgot PIN? Your security question will come up. You can answer it and then reset to a new PIN. It has to be six digits and all numbers.

If you have not used the system or don’t have a pin, you will need to get it one of two ways.

1. In person at the ORR in Utica or the RBO in Rome with photo ID.

2. Go online to the link below: fill out the form, print it out, sign and mail or fax it to us. There is usually less than a 24 hour turn around time to email the PIN to you.

******PIN Numbers can not be given out over the phone.


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What Are The Admissions Office Hours?

The MVCC Admissions Office, located in Payne Hall on the Utica campus, is open 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday.  The Student Service Center, located in the Plumley Complex on the Rome Campus, is open from Monday-Thursday 8:30am to 6pm and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

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What degree and certificate programs do you offer?

MVCC offers nearly 90 associate degree programs and over 20 certificate programs.  You can see all the Degree Programs and Certificate Programs.

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Do You Require the SAT or ACT?

No.  MVCC is SAT/ACT optional however depending on your scores you may be exempt from all or parts of the placement test. Learn more.

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What if I didn't graduate from high school, am home schooled, have an IEP diploma or other special circumstances?

Non-high school graduates, home schooled students who cannot provide evidence of “equivalent education,” and undocumented immigrants, correspondence diploma recipients, students who attend a non-registered high school, and those who have completed an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Diploma are considered non-high school graduates and must apply for admission under the Special Admission category. All applicants in this category must take and pass an “Ability-to-Benefit” (ATB) test before being accepted into a degree or certificate program.

Contact the Admissions Office at 315.792.5354 or the Rome Student Services office at 315.334.7709 to arrange for an interview to discuss the requirements you must meet in order to enroll as a non-high school graduate.

Completing the General Education Degree Equivalency Diploma is required by New York State Education Law, which states a student must possess a high school diploma or an equivalency diploma (GED) before they can be authorized to receive a degree or certificate from a college or university.

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Is It True You Have On-Campus Housing Eligibility Requirements.

Yes, MVCC is committed to providing a Residence Hall environment conducive to academic success.    On-campus housing is a privilege and is only available to students who demonstrate academic accomplishments, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of the Code of Conduct and Commitment to Civility, which are separate policies enforced according to the most current Student Handbook.

You can review our on-campus housing eligibility requirements.

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Do I Need To Take A Placement Test?

You can find out more about placement testing by clicking here.

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How Do I Change My Major?

If you are a new student who hasn't made a schedule yet you will contact the Admissions Office.  If you are scheduled for classes you will contact the Advisement Office.

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How Do I Request To Have My MVCC Transcript Sent To Another College?

Official college transcripts are sent out by the Registrar office. Find out how to request your transcript and download the form.

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What If I Previously Attended MVCC?

If you were previously enrolled as a matriculated student (in a degree program) at MVCC you need to contact the Advisement Office at 315-792-5710 to reactivate your account. 

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Financial Aid: How Do I Sign Up For It?

Learn more about financial aid options, our school codes, how to sign up for financial aid and more.

We remind students to use the FREE government web sites to sign up for financial aid. There is not a charge to file for the FAFSA or TAP.

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Do You Offer Daycare on Campus?

MVCC does not offer child care services on campus.

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How Do I Change My Address or Contact Info?

New applicants can change your address, phone number or other contact information by calling the Admissions Office at 315-792-5354 or emailing

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How Do I Create My Schedule

Accepted, matriculated students looking to create their schedule, will work with the Advisement Office to enroll in classes.  Please follow the steps to enroll at


Residence Hall Students: You are encouraged to attend a ResHall STAR Day planning event where you will spend an evening in the residence halls, complete your placement testing, attend a small group orientation and have an individual appointment with an advisor.  (Fall Semester Only)

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Can You Define Matriculated vs Non-Matriculated?

Non-Matriculated students are interested in taking courses without enrolling in a degree or certificate program.  Students are not eligible for financial aid and must pay out of pocket.

A matriculated student has applied for admission and is enrolled in a degree or certificate.

Only matriculated students may:

- enroll full-time
- apply for financial aid or scholarships
- be assigned an academic adviser
- earn a degree or certificate

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