Collegiate Science Technology Entry Program and Science Technology Entry Program

STEP is open to students from 7th-12th grade.  CSTEP is open to eligible full time MV students.

Members of “historically underrepresented populations” include students who consider themselves African American, Hispanic Latino, American Indian or Alaskan Native or students who are economically disadvantaged.

To encourage “historically underrepresented populations” to successfully enter STEM careers or become licensed professionals, in order to increase the diversity found in said careers.

How can students get involved or become a member of STEP or CSTEP? See staff in CC 203.

YES..we can collaborate with any group as long as it is not another NYS Education Department grant funded program.

CSTEP has a book loan program, in addition to a lap top loan program.

Students who participate in clubs/organizations/ community service and the likes can network, develop work place skills, learn new information and make FRIENDS!

Yes!!  We can help with most everything or direct you to someone that can help, but be advised we help you help yourself.  STAFF will not do your work, but will happily help you to get a job accomplished.

STEP students attend schools within the Utica City School District

One you are a member you will be added to our Facebook page where activity calendars are posted.  You will also receive the monthly calendars via snail mail.

Participate in the research poster competition.  What do you mean by a research poster presentation?  Find a topic that you are curious about and conduct research regarding the topic.  Research can range from rather simplistic to very complicated.  Staff can assist you in obtaining mentor-ship for your project if you desire.  Research projects set students apart from the masses and are great additions to resumes.

CSTEP and STEP are for international students only.  Not true.
STEP/CSTEP is not a remedial opportunity program.
STEP/CSTEP is an academic excellence program that encourages its members to reach their full potential as student leaders and scholars.
CSTEP and STEP are 2 different programs. We share space and our college students do mentor the junior and senior high STEP students.
Our focus is about providing a holistic/case management approach to student success. We look at academics, financial aid, campus involvement, home life/situations, employment and more to try and help students