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International Education Plan

Purpose Statement:Purpose Statement: The purpose of the International Education Work Group Plan is to implement a multi-year strategic plan that addresses international recruitment, student support, study abroad and professional development for faculty and staff. 

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet
Charter Contact: Maryrose Eannace & Stephanie C. Reynolds
Timeline: Spring 2012 – Summer 2014



1 VPLAA -- ongoing
1 VPSA-- ongoing
1 Coordinator of International Student Services-- ongoing
1 Director of International Education - ongoing
1 Director of Admissions



• Build a strong and vibrant international community that is integrated with the greater campus community.
• Effectively develop and responsively manage resources to build and maintain an international community and study abroad experience.
• Promote a culture of excellence and service with our international population and with our students who visit and study in international locations.
• Provide a student-centered, learner-focused environment for students coming from other countries and for our students who visit and study in international locations.


• Establish policy
• Discuss personnel issues


• Keep the College mission front and center
• Work as a team involving other interested and necessary constituents