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Alan Chace

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Alan Chace

Associate Dean

STEM Center

Office: Academic Building, Room 160

Telephone: 315.731.5723





---M.A.  SUNY Albany, Geography, 2003
---A.A.S. MVCC, Surveying Technology 1992
---B.A.  SUNY Oneonta, U.S. History, 1981



Born in East L.A., but moved to upstate New York at age 9.  I’ve been living here ever since. Upon graduation from SUNY Oneonta in 1981, I was commissioned as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, where I specialized in Infantry and Motor Transportation.  Made it as far as Captain, whereupon, at age 26, I decided to try my hand at peace.  Took a huge pay cut for that decision, but it was worth it. Got a job on a survey crew in 1985 and never looked back.  Much better to use transits and theodolites to measure land than it was to use them to direct artillery and mortar fire. My graduate thesis involved using GPS and GIS to analyze a series of 1690-1730’s surveys of a colonial Virginia town, with an eye towards re-interpretation of inter-racial settlement patterns. 


My outside interests include motorcycling and folk music.  I play the guitar, banjo, and mountain dulcimer.  I’m also semi-fluent in the French language.  My favorite authors are Henry Miller, Richard Russo, and Albert Camus, while my favorite musicians are Duane Allman, Dave Hum, and Keith Richards. I’m married to the most beautiful and interesting woman I’ve ever met, Teri, who is an author with over 40 published books.  I have two grown stepsons, and a wonderful Golden Retriever.


Work Experience at MVCC:

16 Years as Assistant Professor of Surveying.


Industrial Experience:

29 Years experience in Surveying and Geography.

NYS Licensed Land Surveyor. 


NICET Certified Civil Engineering Technician.