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STEM Center

The Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM Center) prepares students in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, technologies and trades, whether seeking a one-year certificate, an associate's degree, transfer to a four-year institution or beyond.

Engineering Science programs are the gateway to four-year degrees and work in the exciting scientific professions. These programs lay the foundation for advanced learning with transfer agreements to many of the nation's top four-year engineering universities. Students will be challenged with hands-on experience in chemistry, physics, chemical technology and engineering.

Engineering Technologies programs include Civil Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Electrical Engineering Technology. These programs are designed to prepare graduates for the fastest-growing industries in the Mohawk Valley and for transfer to a four-year college for those who wish to continue their studies.

Trades programs train students for exciting and fruitful careers. CNC machining, Welding, HVAC, Electrical Service Technician, Carpentry and Masonry, are a few programs that provide the background and experiential learning needed for immediate entry into the workforce.