Past Presentations & Concept Papers

The Strategic Horizon Network prides itself in the delivery of relevant and innovative information to all member colleges and participants. Below you will find an extensive gallery of resources to share at your discretion. 


Ben & Jerry's Social Mission - Rob Michalak, Burlington, VT 2017

Leading Change - Dr. Ryan Polly, Burlington, VT 2017

Community Engagement - Dr. Jamie Talbott and Kendra Ross, Pittsburgh, PA 2016

Design Thinking

Bandwidth Recovery - Dr. Cia Verschelden, San Diego, CA 2018

Individualization and Game Based Learning – Dan Norton, Madison WI 2017

Digital Disruption in Education - Dr. Nina Huntemann, Burlington, VT 2017

Designing College Performance - Dr. Richard Alfred, Keystone, CO 2012

Change By Design - Dr. Richard Alfred, Ann Arbor, MI 2011

Strategic Thinking

Equity and Inclusionin the Age of Artificial Intelligence - Marie Flynn, Boston, MA 2018

The Workforce in the Age of AI - Joseph Fuller, Boston, MA 2018

Learning and Work: How AI Will Bring Them Closer Together - Beth Porter, Boston, MA 2018 (Powerpoint not publicly diseeminated. See your college representative for more information)

The Future of Educational Leadership - Antoinette Carroll, San Diego, CA 2018

Six Things Innovators Do Differently – Greg Satell, Madison, WI 2017

How the Internet of Things Will Change Our World – Dr. Raj Veeramani – Madison, WI 2017

Individualization and Students on the Brink – Dr. Jed Richardson, Madison WI 2017

Community College 2020: The Paradox of Leadership - Dr. Richard Alfred, Pittsburgh, PA 2016

Future Ready Education - Dr. Mark Milliron, San Antonio, TX 2016

Strategic Thinking - Dr. Richard Alfred

Strategic Thinking Facilitator Manual


         Equity in Competency Education: Realizing the Potential, Overcoming the Obstacles - By Matthew W. Lewis, et al

         The Future Workplace Experience - Soundview Executive Book Summaries

         Wage Stagnation Blog - Jobs for the Future

         Building a Future That Works - Jobs for the Future

         Report on the Economic Well-Being of US Households in 2017 - Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

         Inside the Incubators: The Anatomy of a University Innovation Team  - Allison Dulin Salisbury

4 Types of Innovation and the Problems They Solve - Greg Satell

Creating an Innovation Culture - Dr. Waguih Ishak

What’s new with the Internet of Things? - Mark Patel, Jason Shangkuan, Christopher Thomas

Hungry and Homeless in College Report - University of Wisconsin-Madison

4 Disciplines of Execution - Franklin Covey

The Underprepared Prepared Student and Community Colleges - CCSSE Publication

Making the Most of a Healthy Change in Education - Civitas Learning

Relationship of Childhood Abuse & Household Dysfunction to Many of the Leading Causes of Death in Adults - V. Felitti, MD, FACP, Et Al.

Strategic Diversity Leadership - Dr. Damon Williams