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Senate Advisory Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the College Senate Advisory Committee is to serve as an advisory to the Senate Chair by collecting items for discussion by the Senate and assisting in the creation of the agenda for each meeting.

Charter Sponsor: College Senate

Charter Contact: Senate Chairperson

Timeline: Meets once a month one to two weeks before the Senate meeting and more often as needed for special tasks.


(8-10 members as needed at the discretion of the Senate Chairperson)

1 Senate Chair -- ongoing
1 Vice Chair -- ongoing
1 Secretary -- ongoing
1 FCCC representative - ongoing
4-6 Senators elected as needed, at least 2 of which must be faculty

Terms are for 1 year.  Members are elected at the first meeting of the new Senate (the second meeting in May).


  • Collects issues and concerns from Senators and the College at large for discussion at upcoming Senate meetings
  • Creates and promulgates the agenda for the Senate meeting
  • May draft resolutions when necessary for Senate action
  • Receives reports from its committees

Does Not

  • Make policy

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Be open minded and fair to all involved in the process
  • Think about what’s best for the institution
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue

Approved by the Senate 12/6/2011