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Safety & Security Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Safety and Security Committee is to review current security policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvement. This advisory committee is responsible for ensuring that the procedures for educational programs on safety, sexual assault, and crime prevention are in place and that reporting, referral, counseling, and response mechanisms for security and safety are also updated and monitored regularly. The committee shall report, in writing, to the College President and the College Senate on its findings and recommendations at least twice yearly and such report shall be available upon request. The membership of this committee is mandated by the State University of New York.

Charter Sponsor: Senate

Charter Contact: Committee Chair


(length of term for members if applicable)

  • 1 Director of Campus Safety & Security (ongoing)
  • 1 College Nurse (ongoing)
  • 1 Environmental Health and Safety Officer (ongoing)
  • 1 Coordinator of Disability Services (ongoing)
  • 1 Director of Facilities and Operations or designee (ongoing)
  • 1 Director of Childcare Services or designee (ongoing)
  • 1 Vice President for Student Services or designee (ongoing)
  • 1 Representative of the residence halls will be appointed by the President of the College
  • 1 Representative from the President’s Office will be appointed by the President of the College
  • 1 Representative of the Rome campus will be appointed by the President of the College
  • 4 Members representing a cross-section of the College will be appointed by the President of the College
  • 2 Students, one male and one female, will be appointed by the President of Student Congress

Each member will serve a three (3) year term, except the student members who will serve one (1) year term. Half of the committee’s composition must be female.


  • Research new ideas to enhance safety concerns on campus.
  • Synthesize by combining ideas of numerous departments and utilizing information from each to enhance public safety/Identify problem areas and take appropriate action to resolve security issues.
  • Develop ideas to enhance existing policies and procedures where applicable.
  • Communicate to department members, faculty and staff and students safety concerns.

Does Not

  • Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Be creative and think big
  • Think about what’s best for students
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue