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Excellence In Scholarship & Creative Activities Award Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the MVCC Excellence in Scholarship & Creative Activities Committee is to insure the nomination, selection, recommendation, and documentation process involved with this local award is carried out annually in a timely and effective manner.

Charter Sponsor: College Senate

Charter Contact: Executive Director –Organizational  Development


Nov. –  Organizational Mtg.
Feb. –   Prog. Calendar Announce
Early Mar. –  Nomination Deadline
Mid-Apr. –  Selection Deadline
Mid-May –  Announce Recipients at Summer Institute



  • Conducts Nomination Process Coordinates announcement of award categories; sets nomination deadlines; collects nominations.
  • Conducts Selection/Review Process Reviews submissions for all candidates; communicates with nominators to insure adequate information/data available to make an informed selection; makes annual award recommendation.
  • Prepares and Submits Recommendation Document Compiles, organizes, and writes final recommendation document; submits same to Exec. Director of Organizational Development and College President.

Does Not

  • Make final decision regarding annual award recipient; communicate committee’s decision with anyone other than President or an appointed representative; discuss any part of the process or recommendation outside of the committee.

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center.
  • Be open minded and fair to all involved in the process.
  • Think about what’s best for the institution.
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue.

Excellence in Scholarship & Creative Activities Committee