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Disciplinary Appeals Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Disciplinary Appeals Committee is to ensure students the right of due process; providing for a fair, timely and impartial hearing of disciplinary decisions, including those relating to Title IX of the Education Amendments of the 1972 Landmark Federal Civil Rights Law.

Charter Sponsor: College Senate

Charter Contact: VP Student Services/Dean of Students

Timeline: Ongoing


(12-14 members)

  • 2 Classified staff
  • 4 Faculty
  • 2 Professional and/or administrative staff
  • 2-3 Residence Hall students
  • 2-3 Commuter students

Individual Board Members SHOULD

  • Be knowledgeable of campus regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • Share availability with the Chairperson.
  • Attend a hearing upon Chairperson’s request.
  • Safeguard all hearing documents.
  • Review packet before hearing.
  • Participate in hearing by listening attentively and asking clarification questions.
  • Participate in Board’s decision discussion.
  • Ensure confidentiality by not discussing any aspect of the hearing with anyone except fellow Board members.
  • Agree to step down from any case where a conflict of interest or bias may be perceived.

The Board, Individually and As a Whole DOES NOT

  • Engage in conversation with petitioner or Conduct Officer outside of the formal hearing.
  • Act as investigators. 
  • Interrogate the individual.
  • Recommend policy changes to Conduct Officers.
  • Speak to any third party including parents or attorneys.

Guiding Points

  • Safety of the entire campus community; students and staff must be taken into account during deliberations and when speaking to witnesses.
  • Be professional in the hearing and the deliberations.
  • Think beyond the sanction – try to make it an educational experience, when possible and reasonable.
  • The College recognizes the need to utilize progressive discipline when adjudicating incidents.