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Civility Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Civility Committee is to heighten awareness of civil behavior at the College by informing the College of issues affecting civility.

Charter Sponsor: College Senate

Charter Contact: Vice President for Student Affairs


  • Executive Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management (1)
  • Office of Civic Responsibility Representative (1)
  • Business Office Staff Representative (1)
  • Non-Teaching Professionals (2)
  • Faculty (2)
  • Rome Campus Representative (1)
  • Students (3)


  • Solicit Ideas for events and activities that: Heighten awareness of civility issues on campus and in society, encourage civil, collegial acts and activities, provide educational opportunities for the college community to learn about ways to resolve conflict in a civil manner.
  • Develop a process for individuals or groups on campus to apply for funding for activities/events that promote civility.
  • Manage an activities/events budget.
  • Evaluate and gather feedback about the activities/events hosted on campus and funded by the committee pertaining to issues of civility.

Does Not

  • Intervene or mediate in conflict resolution.
  • Make policy regarding student or employee behavior.
  • Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center.
  • Be creative and think big.
  • Think about what is best for students and employees.
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue.